Directorate General of Civil Aviation

Act. Director General

Istanbul Airshow offers a unique business platform for its participants to discover the new marketing strategies and to enhance their network in order to tackle the new challenges of the today’s global aviation industry by offering a broad-based cooperation ground at the hearth of the Eurasia.

Save the date 27-30, 2018 and join us in İstanbul Airshow to meet the limitless world of aviation together with the leading civil aviation stakeholders. Let’s explore and discuss the dynamics of the inspiring success story of Turkish Civil Aviation together.


General Directorate of State Airports Authority

General Manager and Head of Board of Directors

Turkey is rapidly becoming one of the most important centre in civil aviation, airport management and air navigation. DHMİ which crowns these great achievements with the greatest aviation projects of the Republican history continues to march ahead with more and big projects.

Constantly increasing the quality and getting the service understanding based on passenger satisfaction and safety on responds generously by increasing the number of passengers and aircraft movements every year. According to the reports of independent aviation authorities, our airports keep European top rankings all time and do not lose their positions to their competitors.

It is evident that all these gigantic successes are realized by very distinguished and outstanding international fairs and organizations. Especially the marvellous contribution given by Airshow is deserved to be praised from this perspective. As usual this great Organization is to bring world-known institutions in aviation sector that opens new horizons.


Turkish Airlines

General Manager

It gives me great pleasure to see that Istanbul Airshow 2018, 12th International Civil Aviation & Airports Exhibition & Aviation Industry Supply Chain Platform, mainly sponsored by Turkish Airlines, which flies to more countries than any other airline in the world, will be organized in Istanbul from 27 to 30 September 2018.

I highly recommend you to participate in the Istanbul Airshow, which aims to establish a business platform uniquely concentrated in the civil aspects of the aviation industry and undoubtedly deserved your kind attention. I firmly believe that an intense and significant attendance will be achieved to the Istanbul Airshow 2018 as in previous years. 

Taking into account the importance of this special event, I kindly invite you to save the dates in your agenda and look forward to meeting you in Istanbul.


Turkish Aerospace

President & CEO

Our country has achieved a brand new success in the field of aviation just like every other area. Turkish Aerospace Industries is one of the Worlds top defence companies with over $1 billion turnover and continues to work with the goal of increasing it to $10 billion in the next decade, in line with our countrys vision.

We believe that Istanbul Airshow, the biggest civil aviation fair of our country which brings all the stakeholders together in the field of aviation, will conduce to create new collaborations for all national and international companies.

We will be pleased to take part in Istanbul Airshow 2018 where participants will be able to follow closely the technological developments in the sector.